Welcome Back

Welcome back to the cipherverse. Peace be upon those who seek it. Allah willing we will present expanded content that has been in the works over the last year, as well as restore much of the earlier content.

This site and its themes are based on the research of brother soulaiman soussi, a physical scientist and hadith researcher, and are the result of 30 years of his intense daily research, sometimes 12 hours a day. The man’s relentless researches into the qu’ran, hadith, fiqh, and theology as accompanied by a relentless and rigorous academic scientific training and augmented by his intense studies in physics, genetics, engineering, history, and linguistics are represented here. We have been inspired by his tireless search for truth and aim to present his work for allah’s sake. We aim only to assist him, burdened with intense studies and research, to reach out to the world, at a very late hour.

And the hour is late indeed.

As you read we hope that you are motivated by both curiosity and sincerity, sincere desire to discover and right the wrongs in your life, and the world around you to whatever degree possible. We hope that you are animated with a sincere desire to gain knowledge and then apply that knowledge. There are avenues of knowledge which have been purposefully obstructed by the enemy. With allah’s grace we struggle to unearth the truth wherever it lies, even when that takes us into darkened and perilous tunnels. The truth is too precious of a light giving gem to allow its enemies to smother it.

To escape a trap we must see and recognize it for what it is. This muslim nation, our ummah, has done a poor job of this for several centuries. Thus millions of muslims not only have died in genocide, lost their lands, and heritage, but worse millions have effectively lost faith or had it mangled past recognition. The very knowledge that through wish alone we can find truly meaningful and fulfilling existences, in this world and the next,has been systematically attacked. However

يُرِيدُونَ أَنْ يُطْفِئُوا نُورَ اللَّهِ بِأَفْوَاهِهِمْ وَيَأْبَى اللَّهُ إِلَّا أَنْ يُتِمَّ نُورَهُ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ الْكَافِرُونَ

“They seek to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the disbelievers hate it.” (Surah Taubah verse 32)

The only way out is to recognize the diseases affecting us and find, then apply, the original cures. The muslim nation has ignored original cures. How many liars call themselves “salafi” but ignore, for example, the methods and teachings of the imam of madina, malik ibn anas, mercy upon him?

Because of the severity of the tribulations around us, in syria, burma, central african republic, libya, the arabian peninsula, and elsewhere, and the shortness of time we believe remaining to the ummah, we pray that this work becomes useful and our personal errors and mistakes forgiven.  With divine permission we will focus on further exposing the schemes, cons, lies and scams of iblis, the shaytan of the jinn, and the dajjal, who is the shaytan of ins, humanity, the two races who are accountable before god.

We hope to draw your attention to how these con-jobs are relevant in your contemporary life and culture and where possible how to evade or escape these traps.

We aim to share not only the proofs and evidences for such cons and schemes but also the divinely given tools to escape these schemes and live healthier, more fulfilling, and purposeful lives. Tools that are part of the mercy that our liege-lord muhammad, peace benedictions and blessigs upon him and his progeny.


What is it that has brought you here?

There is a story, of abu bakr, allah be pleased with him. He once gave a pagan advice as to what he could do to the privy parts of his false goddess al-lat; as the narration goes امصص ببظر اللات، أنحن نفر عنه وندعه..

Adab is for those who deserve it. Abu bakr was a man of immensely strong faith. A believer is not weak before the stupidity and tyranny of kufr. The story has a purpose. Two types of readers come; one who earnestly seeks knowledge and wisdom. He or she may disagree but finds the intelligence to consider and imagine things previously unimaginable, to question assumptions, and fairly think and weigh what they read. The second type of person may be self-righteous, pompous, and self-certain about his or her “minhaj” and ever so certain about the words he or she uncritically regurgitates.

To the first reader welcome, may allah grant you the treasures you seek. To the second reader; consider the words of abu bakr, allah be pleased with him. Then weigh in your heart whether you are sincere in seeking the truth, or whether you are of those for whom such words might be applied. With no apology if cipherverse doesn’t appeal to you then you are free to leave. Perhaps one prefers the words mommy, grandma, daddy, or one’s marjah, pir, shaykh, mullah, butcher, or barber. If this is so then by all means run back to them.


Time is short, and tribulation is upon us.

Please pay attention, what we share might help save your life someday, but more importantly, allah willing, they may help save your soul. Until the next time, just remember; The scheming never ends. But allah is the best of planners.


Notes on the site’s new style.

Cipherverse is adopting a new set of stylistic and orthographic conventions, such as abandoning proper-noun case capitals, and preferring whenever possible english translations of common terms (unless the original Arabic is essential) for a couple of reasons.

One, regarding capitalization, brother abu abdullah’s linguistic research inspires this change. For one it is the arabic norm, and one that english would do well to follow in lieu of contemporary but arbitrary norms which carry hidden semantic baggage. Other languages using the latin script have entirely different capitalization norms than english. All of this removes clarity and facilitates the dajjals work. For simplicity we will emulate, best as possible, arabic language and orthography does not include capital and lower case letters for very important reasons. We retain initial sentence capitals simply for ease of readability and to avoid confusion as we transition into this, we will defer to this pre-modern norm.

Two, since we aim to reach both non-muslims and muslims, and among muslims non-arabs as well as arabs, english terms will predominate for ease of understanding. Those readers familiar with the arabic originals of most of these terms should realize the importance of clear communication with those who are less familiar with arabic. In quoting narrations and reports wherever practical, time and space permitting, we will post original arabic text above or below the english translation. Words from arabic whose meaning requires giving the non translated form will be kept but as far as possible we will try to present the english equivalents first.

We welcome your comments and will provide an email address. Constructive, non-stupid, and insightful reader comments will be published allah willing.