You Live In A Cipherverse…

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Please listen to our latest talks, we have noticed that our Muslim friends have a tendency to skip certain things that our non-Muslim friends spend more time on.

Make no mistake about it, even what looks familiar and hard to place in a traditional framework, everything from Indo-European migrations, Chinese politics, memetics, all of it is building towards a startling conclusion. From the invasions of the Huns, to the Secrets of the Arabic Language, from Epigenetics, human migrations, to the wall of Dhul Qarnayn, this site is about throwing out your assumptions about what you think you know about Islam, history, love, war, marriage, peace, the Quran, religion, archeology, and more.

Announcing: Two audio series for October and November.
1. The Mystery of Indo-European Origins: Beowulf, Anglo-Saxons, Siberia, a Radical New Theory.
2. China Series: What you don’t know about China is Destroying your Country [and will enslave you].

About this site: This is a planet of broken hearts. One heart broken at a time.
Have you ever wondered why this is ?
This site is devoted to helping you figure out this tragic puzzle.
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The Dajjal is alive.
But who is the Dajjal? The Pied Piper, the greatest deceiver of all time, alive and walking this earth since time immemorial.

Do you want to know who he is ?

Have you ever had that feeling, nagging at you in the back of your head, that something was not right in the world, Something is missing from our lives. We wake up, go to work, come back home, but something feels numb, or missing.

That the world is edging every day closer and closer to something terrifying, fathers fear every day , mothers fear for the future of their children, spiritual leaders are at a loss to guide their communities into the grim tomorrow.

So do we do? Do we numb ourselves with a TV show, try to forget this fear, this feeling that is gnawing away at our very world and existence?

Have you ever stopped to think to yourself, that the world as it seems to us is a lie?

That what we were taught in schools, that what our parents told us when we were kids about how the world works, was all just an illusion?

You look and you see injustice, you look and you see suffering, you see the worse of people getting ahead, while the good seem to be their servants ?

Our friends, lose their jobs and their souls around us, our country falls apart, every day becomes a numbed down nightmare.

We do what we are told, go to work, punch in, punch out, and we come home and scratch an itch or two, but nothing seems to satisfy us, truly.

And the nagging feeling never goes away.

Clearly the present leadership of the world are incapable of providing and succor or solace to us, clearly as the day brings worse and worse news to us with every rising sun, the men and women who propose to save us are only making things worse.

Clearly something radically different is needed.

What you will read here may surprise you, it may offend you, but most of all it will challenge you.
You can dismiss it, and go about your life, or you can rise to the challenge.

We invite you to some of the most radical and refreshing ideas that you have only heard in whispers and rumors.
We invite you to check out the best kept secrets all of history.

And it is these secrets that have brought us to the disastrous situation we are in, whereby hoaxes can thrive and multiply and none is the wiser.

This is an invitation, to those who have courage still remaining, and who have not lost their souls.

It is an invitation that some are fit to take, are you?

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