About Cipherverse

We quote ali ibn abi talib, peace be upon him, do not seek to know the truth by men. Learn the truth, then you will know who speaks it.

This is a planet of broken hearts. One heart broken at a time.
The cipherverse team is dedicated to sharing timely research on islamic prophecy and eschatology, as well as geo-politics, and the subject of the masih al-dajjal – the false messiah. cipherverse is based on the research of brother abu abdullah, whose background includes over 30 years of studying qurĂ¡n and hadith as well as advanced academic studies in physics, and whose linguistic qualifications includes fluency in several western languages, modern and classical arabic, tamazight (the tongue of the indigenous north african berbers, latin, and several other tongues.

Our goal; to examine and penetrate the mysteries of how our world reached its current state. Trials and tribulations surround humanity, but mystery after mystery surrounds the source of this tragedy and sorrow. This material is put out free of charge for the purpose of helping humanity. Please respect the copyright disclaimer, but explore this site as you will. We will continue to put up new information as much as possible so be sure to check back often.

Cipherverse is devoted to helping you figure out your place in this tragic puzzle.
If you seek wisdom and understanding, and not argumentation, then we hope to assist you in your journey of seeking truth, not by dishing out answers, but by helping you on your journey with helpful tips and signposts and finding a method of thinking.

We welcome non-Muslim and Muslim guests alike. Read and listen to what we have to say and fairly weigh it in light of your intelligence, for yourself. Do not let anyone else do your thinking, least of all us, nor your imam, mother, and certainly not the dajjal and iblis.

Sometimes our muslim guests show tendencies to skip things that our non-muslim guests spend more time on. The reasons for this, we believe, are not good. Our counsel is that of the character morpheus in the movie The Matrix “Free your mind.”

Cipherverse is about throwing out all assumptions about what you think you know.
Often we think we know various things, whether about life, religion, love, marriage, history, war, peace, the qur’an, hadiths, and so on. Cipherverse’s purpose is questioning these assumptions in an attempt to find the freedom to think in deeper ways about the most important things in your life, including your connection to your creator and your purpose in life.

Everything here is leading up to certain startling conclusions; from considerations subjects as varied as genetics, ancient indo-european and semitic migrations, pop culture, chinese culture and history, the new science of memetics and memetic engineering, explorations of riwayat (narrations) and hadith. Therefore read and consider all with care, for all is connected. Whether it’s insights on hunnic and gothic invasions, linguistic secrets of the arabic Language, epigenetics, or the wall of dhul qarnayn. Stick with us as we journey together.

Words about our anonymity?
Previously some not very bright brothers and sisters posted not very well worded questions regarding Cipherverse’s anonymity. We hope that wherever they are they are enjoying playing with their toys. We say this; it’s none of your business. Beyond that, anonymity in some contexts is supported by the Sunnah. If you can’t figure out why then it’s not our problem. Basically if you don’t like it then you can leave. We do not force you to read this. This work is not about us, our images, names or credentials. It is about the information. You have been spoon fed your entire life by liars and thieves whose names and credentials you already know. If you prefer them then by all means, occupy yourself.
But if you seek meat and not baby food, if you have a questing mind, and desire to know the truth for truth’s sake, then by allah’s name, journey with us.