No Background Music, The Trap and You – Part 3 The Future and You

Part 3, The Trap Explained, with No Background Music…

Addendum: Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers? How our ideas of Prophecy and the Future are Manipulated.
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We wish peace upon those who seek it.

To continue, realize that in the minds of many, The Future is spectacular, with background music. A musical score of triumphant and symphonic angelic choirs booms while the Mujahideen appear behind The Mahdi and Jesus AS. Ominous grinding music cymbals [our own original verb] when the Dajjal and his minions appear.

We must see this soundtrack movie vision of The Future as delusional, and we must rid ourselves of these visions, or more correctly: televisions [another original definition].

If we are given to imagine the hordes of Gog and Magog, e.g. Yajuj and Majuj, swarming across the land, as ugly fur-clad barbarians with flattened faces, like Trolls or Tolkien’s Orcs, with cacophonous post-modern noise music, then it is urgent that we rid ourselves of this mental nonsense.

The Trap Explained:

Is it such a stretch to state that when The Mahdi and ‘Isa Ibn Mariam emerge AS, most of the Muslim Ummah will not recognize them? If you think this is a stretch then explain how was it that the exact same thing happened to the Bani Isra’el? Obviously whatever was inside their heads, the reality of what they saw did not match these expectations. Once you fully wrap your mind around this conundrum, you will grasp the central point.

The existence of our misleading televisions of the FUTURE suggests a grave manipulation of our expectations. Such manipulation requires willing and active agents. Is it possible that the Ummahs of the past, like the Bani Isra’el, were actively misdirected in how they interpreted their Prophetic texts, or even that their texts were distorted in the most subtle literal way to produce the most profound and imperceptible semantic distortions?

Such subtle literal distortions would have allowed a select few to decipher the original meaning of the texts and to recognize Yahya and ‘Isa, alaihim Salaam, even while the vast majority was deceived.

The disturbing question we put on the table is whether or not the same has been done to us. Are we looking for a completely unreal future, and thus being deceived by the very texts of the prophesies that are supposed to aid us in recognizing That Future?

The reality is that you and I have been set up to fail by our own expectations. We all have been set up to miss the very Future we dream of and expect.

Whatever televisions and images that are now in your heads, no matter how dramatic or amazing, they may utterly blind you to recognizing the reality of the real when it finally arrives.

If the past is any reliable indicator of our present condition, then we are all in for a rather big fall. The real drama is that, essentially, we have been suckers for the largest con job of history. To be clear, consider the distinct probability that we could very well be in the Apocalypse right now. That what we see around us are the actual signs of the End and that, in other words, we may be in the process of “missing” the proverbial boat.

It is possible, in fact, that we actually already have missed this proverbial boat, being The Future in the Prophecies we are reading. It is possible that Jesus has already came, The Mahdi already preceded him, The Dajjal already came with the very reign of the Antichrist all but come and gone. That all of this occurred under our very noses with only a very small group of people recognizing it.

The thing is, you already know this: most people are deceived by the Dajjal and most people, in the end, are condemned by their very expectations.

Is this not what the Prophecies tell us? It is. So then?

While we do not argue that the Mahdi AS and Jesus AS or the Dajjal have already appeared, we do logically entertain the possibility. If this was the case then not only would you find yourself clueless, but you would also find yourself potentially among the lost. We hope that you understand the severity of this, if it still sounds impossible to you, then you clearly don’t “get it” yet.

 Please consider these points now.

Series Addendum – Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers?How our ideas of Prophecy and the Future are Manipulated.
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