Fantasy, Rebellion Against Reality, and the key to Matriarchy.

Here is another key, to help you decrypt the cypherverse that surrounds you. When you understand its implications then a door of greater understanding will open to you.

To rebel against reality is to rebel against Allah. To rebel against Allah is to rebel against reality.

All rebellion against Allah is a form of fantasy.
Rebellion against Allah is a form of fantasy, since what is real is the will of Allah. Allah is Al-Haqq (الحق), which means The Real in Arabic. It also means The Right.

Therefore all paganism begins with fantasy. It begins with mentally coloring over the world .

All paganism begins with fantasizing around the world, with coloring the world in. In a sense, paganism begins with mythical thought.

First you start mentally coloring in the world with fantasy, this happens only a little bit at first. Then a little bit more, until soon fantasy covers up all of those aspects of the world which you don’t want to or simply cannot comprehend or accept.

One thing that people will cover up with fantasy are the primal perceptions of an all-powerful creator. This is something innate to human nature, it is part of what’s called the Fitrah(الفطرة). Consider this; there are actually people who will readily admit that the idea of an all-powerful creator is deeply frightening to them. We’ve personally known people who admitted to this. The instinctive and primal perception of an all-powerful being makes them feel uneasy.

So what people do is mentally paint over the world.  They mentally carve it into a more pleasing shape.

This is covering reality. The word for “disbelief” in Arabic is Kufr (كفر). But this word does not literally mean ‘un-belief’, ‘dis-belief’, or ‘infidelity’. No, what Kufr literally means “to cover“.

Paganism begins in fantasy, as you cover up The Real with a mental painting. In other words, you cover up Reality as it really is with a mental painted picture of what you want it to be.

This is rebellion against the Real, because you are denying what’s real and replacing it with what you want to be real. This is rebellion against Allah, the Creator.

Eventually you re-shape the world itself…. but in plastic, so to speak. Imagine re-making the world itself and then sending it over to a factory in China for mass production — metaphorically speaking.

This has implications for the sexes and genders, and it will give us a good mental yardstick for discerning what Matriarchal and Patriarchal societies really are. For now, take this as a working hypothesis: if we are going to divide the realities of gender and humanity, we have to recognize that fantasy is innate, and biologically-based

Since fantasy is innate and biologically based it is part of human reality, and therefore is not bad in itself. When fantasy serves a good it is good, in its limited domain.

Fantasy in itself, when serving a good, can be a necessary function, particularly in the context of child-rearing and the social worlds of human females.

Fantasy becomes destructive an leads to Kufr when it becomes misused, which is when it’s applied outside of its normal area of application.

All utopian thinking is based on fantasy. All utopian thinking comes from the matriarchal side, even if it is not matriarchal in itself.

All utopian thinking is based on fantasy; it is based on wanting to cover the world as it is, with the fantasy of the world as one thinks it should be.

When you understand these key ideas you will find yourself closer to a deeper understanding of what matriarchy really means, and how it contrasts with patriarchy, which is something that we’ll explore at a later date.