Miracles of the Seemingly un-Miraculous – Part 4 The Future and You

The Miracle of the Seemingly un-Miraculous

Addendum: Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers? How our ideas of Prophecy and the Future are Manipulated.
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Consider the miracles around you daily. Are you having problems thinking of some?

We are coming to the pivot point of this whole issue. What all of this actually means is that what’s Prophesied, whether in Islamic sources, or the original sources of past Ummahs, were many statements. In understanding any statements that sound dramatic we should probably revisit them, over and over again, and assume that the miraculous and dramatic are probably hidden in the mundane. What this practically means is that when you are reading narrations of Fitan or Malahim, when you are reading Prophesies, you have to revise your sense of the miraculous.

We are not saying these prophesies are lies, no far from it they are Truth, but you the reader may be inadvertently lying upon them by projecting fantasies and expectations into them. In effect our sense of the miraculous is simply deadened. If the Prophet Muhammad, SAAWs, says that ‘Isa, as, is going to kill the Antichrist when he comes, most people are prone to expecting a miraculous Battle Royall, with lightning in the sky and dark swarming clouds. You are not watching 300 or Clash of the Titans, when these matters come to pass they could be just like any street fight on a corner that you or others have witnessed in life. Out the corner of your eyes you see a few people tussling on the ground, there are police sirens because someone called 9/11, some people may be armed with belts or knives, perhaps a gun pulled, someone has a large sharp stick. Some of the people are bearded others are not. You would have no idea what you were witnessing.

There is some attuning that needs to be done. We contend that peoples sensitivity to miracles have become pretty much dead or atrophied. When people expect a miracle they expect a David Copperfield magic trick. In the actual Prophesies, when they speak of something the Prophets do, realize that they may be speaking of something utterly miraculous, but sublime in a way that only a heightened sense of awareness and sensitive mind can detect. The rest of humanity could be staring at such miracles in the face, and simply not be attuned to what is actually miraculous in them. This is because their tastes and perceptions are coarsened and jaundiced. They expect magic, when what they are looking at is divine miracle. They expect Pharaoh’s’ magicians, and are blind to the Red Sea parting or plagues of blood and frogs. They explain away the miraculous because it does not look like a sorcerer’s trickery, and they do not know what to pick out.

Much more about this needs to be said, and if time permits we shall. Many people, even all people – including us through our lives – have been misinformed and deluded about miracles. In our own talks between ourselves, and in communicating with others, we have realized that a delusional sense about the Miraculous, The Future and Prophesies, is widespread. People have a sense that is quite delusional, that Prophesies are reality bending events. They are actually reality fulfilling events.

What we are saying in essence is that the miraculous is in the mundane. If Allah permits we will address this topic in greater detail and depth because it is critical to our analysis.

Miracles really do happen, all of the time, all around us. By this we mean true miracles. We constantly witness them, day in and day out, we do not say to ourselves “Ajeeb! How strange!” No, we typically ignore them. We do not just mean little small and personal miracles, we truly mean cosmic miracles of immense scale. We see them, every day, truly universal miracles. The problem is that we are simply used to them.

When we see a sunrise, every day, does it seem miraculous to you ? If not then perhaps it is because you see it everyday. However if you were born on a planet where due to it’s rotation you have never seen one, and you were somehow brought to this Earth, we have no doubt that you would see one as a miracle. You, who have seen thousands of sunrises, simply are accustomed to them,. You see a true miracle as mundane. This is an error in perspective.

If you have never had fresh water, if the experience of drinking fresh water was beyond your ken for your entire life, you would only see the miracle of drinking fresh non-brackish water, and a plenitude of it, once you finally have it for the first time. If however you are used to this miracle, every day, on tap, you utterly fail to see how special it is. Take any number of the thousands of the things we daily witness going on around us. Because we all are; and this means you reading this, as well as us writing this, a bunch of spoiled brats, we simply don’t see such things. Imagine the manner in which a rich and spoiled brat grows used to the showering of gifts and allowances. Such a brat develops a sense of entitlement and certain expectations. This is the bugbear of expectations we hope to slay. A spoiled child stops appreciating the gifts and miracles daily pouring down its poor benighted little head, so do we every morning of our lives; we have just become spoiled to our miracles.

If you go to a parched and famine stricken country and watch a poor person slowly starving, who has watched his or her family members die like flies, and you offer this person for the first time in ages simple water, then this life saving offering is a miracle to them.

If such a person after watching the parched land of their forefathers wither away and turn to dust, wanders seeking a bit to eat or drink while their population is continually decimated, when they suddenly come across a tiny spring, a rivulet of watter and mud streaming through otherwise dead land, and they dip their hands into the crack and extract life sustaining and saving water, this is an utterly delicious miracle to that person. Only because that person’s sense of reality has been reset.

In a sense our memories have become overloaded, and they need to be reset. If we do not figure out how to do so it is possible that events may force our reset, with great discomfort, misery, and death. If you could only reset your memory, and just stop assuming that because something happened yesterday it will happen again today, and tomorrow, then you will learn to start seeing what are truly miracles. Only then will you begin to see life for what it truly is; a continual burst of miracles.

Consider daily the miracles around you again.

Series Addendum – Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers?How our ideas of Prophecy and the Future are Manipulated.
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