One Great Trick; Dajjal-Spotting Without Tears… A Quick Way to See the Dajjal in History.

He is everywhere. He’s everywhere! He’s at a bar with your friends, he’s having dinner with your kids, he’s in bed with your lover! ” — the Character Mr. White to James Bond, on Blofeld, in the film 007: Spectre (2015).

How to you see what’s otherwise invisible? How do you see the Dajjal?

In your search for truth, in your research, we’ll share one very useful trick. If you understand it, truly understand it, and if you also understand how amthal (so-called parables, proverbs, or similitudes) work, how they are actually models then you will be better able to perceive the Dajjal and his operations.

You will virtually be able to see him move, act, even speak, in history, stories, movies, wherever you look around.

It’s like “seeing the Matrix” so to speak. As you do your own research and searching for the truth, something you need to always keep in mind is this; The Dajjal writes a lot.

Pretty simple, the Dajjal writes a lot, he’s an extraordinarily prolific writer. This is a tell-tale sign that there may be a dajjalic aspect to a person or situation that you see in history.

Before the modern era this was more obvious, and he used to do this a lot. He still does, but as we’ll cover later, theĀ Human Alphabet Soup effect outsources some of the scribbling grunt work involved.

By massively writing the Dajjal and virtually be in three or more places at the same time. How does this work?

Here is a clue. The Dajjal wears many hats, think of Shakespeare’s “the world’s a stage” remark. He has a character, it serves as a stand-in for him, and he lets people deceive themselves when looking at and interacting with that character. By prolific writing this character is reproduced, massively. This character is in models, wise sayings, parables and simillitudes, essentially amthal.

The Dajjal writes a lot of stories, his narratives proliferate widely and end up defining entire cultures and world-views.

In the age of postmodern media this is even more easy than ever before, in history. The next time you see some great Shaykh, Imam, or author who effortlessly produces volumes of works, deforesting entire regions in the process, and consuming entire paper industries, you have a clue – but only a clue – that something else may be going on.

The key is don’t be silly about this, don’t run off and see things that may not exist in everything. Just keep it in the back of your mind as a possible clue, and as you work through things it may serve you well.