2015 Addendum to Siberian Yamal Craters Theories and Coverups


Hole-topview-drtscrubDrafted 28 February, 2015. Edited 15 April 2015



(This addendum sheds more light on the previous interpretation of the mysterious craters found in the Yamal peninsula and elsewhere Siberia crater, in light of more recently discovered craters.)



Welcome back, peace upon those who seek it. Some of you have read the previous notes here, our analysis on the recent discovery of first one then too, and then three, mysterious holes in the permafrost and the Yamal Peninsula of Siberia. Now, the world is being rocked with the news of the discovery of yet more mysterious craters of uncertain origin.

(For a review, see: Review of Theories and Coverups, Yamal Hole One and Review of Theories and Coverups, Yamal Hole Two )

Back in July, Brother Soulaiman Soussi analysis mentioned a strong possibility that several more craters would be found in Siberia. As we are seeing, now in 2015, this is coming to pass. The more people are looking in the area, the more craters they are finding.

What are they, and where do they come from? Are they natural or human made, and what is their significance or meaning? These questions and more have set the news media, blogosphere, and Internet social media afire. Every day, new speculations come out in message forms, social media, and the comment sections of the newspapers and blogs reporting on these strange mysterious phenomena.

Ask yourself, have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, suddenly you start to see it everywhere? Let’s say, the exact same VW, or Honda, or Lexus, the same color, all over the place?

In this case, the cars didn’t just pop out of nowhere. They were always there, you were simply mentally filtering them out. So, in the craters’ case, these craters were there, all the way in the most remote and sparsely populated Arctic environment in Eurasia. However, no one was looking for them.

When you look at them in the news, notice that they are all in the same general range, in terms of in size and configuration. The variations, here, are minor. Nature doesn’t do that. Natural phenomena would exhibit a wider range of variation and diversity. The fact that so many people haven’t yet figured this out means they are simply being willful morons.

So far no one out there has a convincing explanation for these craters. No one out there has offered anything remotely approaching proof regarding the purported natural origins of these holes. Indeed no one out there even seems to know how old they are.

We suggested an interpretation, based on brother Sulayman Soussi’s innovative research, which inspired and continues to inform this website. So, in light of the recently discovered new holes, we offer this addendum to the previous series.

The new holes discovered offer more tangible evidence of the human origin behind this mystery.

A Review:

Towards the end of 2014, and the beginning of 2015, Russian researchers believe that had discovered through satellite imagery and other uses a number of additional holes, possibly as many as 20 or more. As ascertained from the recent articles at the Huffington Post, the Siberian times which originally broke the story, in other news outlets, those commenting on this issue believe that the whole of the result of “anthropogenic global warming” most likely, gas explosions or ruptures, or something similar, again due to global warming. The reality is that they really do not know and are simply jumping on the latest politically correct bandwagon, in particular as some the older explanations, like a collapsed, are entirely silly and unrealistic.

A Cold War, and Horrific yet Understandable Crimes:

The interpretation previously mentioned here on Cipherverse is the most likely explanation; the craters are the result of human activity, and indeed the result of what could be called the crime of the century. However it is an entirely understandable crime, and this must be understood, though it remains a horrific crime against the environment of the entire planet, and its inhabitants.

The interpretation previously posted on Cipherverse was that the originally discovered holes were most likely the result of underground nuclear testing. This interpretation is reiterated, but we want to share an additional twist. The previous analysis was that these holes were most likely extremely old, from the height of the Cold War. While this can be the case, there is another understanding that’s possible.

During the farcical and Dajjalic Cold War the Soviet-led Eastern Bloc Warsaw Pact states contended in a ridiculously expensive battle, not only financially but also in human lives, against the wealthiest states and empires of the world; the Anglo-American led NATO states of Western Europe.

During the height of the nuclear arms race, both sides poisoned the planet with the repeated testing of nuclear weapons. Nuclear tests were performed in places both remote and, in some cases, terribly close to human habitation. The terrible legacy of this will live on, in cancers of untold numbers of people throughout their lifetimes, and the poisoning of wetlands, forests and tundra.

To understand all of this, you must see that the motivation behind underground nuclear weapons testing lies in a vital strategic imperative.

Bunker Busting, Destroy Command and Control:

The strategic imperative behind Eastern Bloc and Western underground nuclear testing is the vital need to destroy an enemy’s command and control.

In the modern era, castles and fortifications are no longer above ground, rather they are underground. Contemporary aerial weapons technology dictates that an army’s command-and-control can no longer reside behind mountain-top palisades, stone halls and castles. The modern imperative, rather, is to dig down.

When Adolf Hitler was found dead, according to the conventional version of the story, where was he found? In an underground bunker weathering out the aerial bombardment of Germany, the allied Holocaust of fire storms ripping across German cities, destroying civilians and everything in its path.

The United States government maintains an entire shadow government apparatus ready to go underground and extremely deep buried fortifications well below the earth at a moments notice the case of national crisis.

The government of the People’s Republic of China has, over the last decade, excavated probably hundreds of miles with extremely deeply buried tunnels, building what many people suspect the veritable underground cities.

The Strategy of Cutting Off the Enemy’s head:

An army’s command-and-control is its head, metaphorically speaking. When an army’s head is cut off from its body, the body – the bulk of the armed forces – becomes useless and is quickly, easily defeated. Thus a strategist’s first task of is to protect his command-and-control, and destroy or degrade his enemy’s.

Modern weapons technologies have advanced to the point that even burrowing underneath entire mountains is not sufficient protection for command-and-control, as seen in the case of the Afghani Taliban’s slaughter in 2001 and 2002. Their betrayal, as they were, by their erstwhile leader, the one-eyed commander of the Taliban whom we believe to have been the Dajjal himself, or at least one of his avatars or tools, and their immolation by areal bombardment shows that in today’s world, even hiding in hardened tunnels underneath mountains is not sufficient anymore.

One of the uses of tactical battlefield nukes is penetrating underground and hardened bunkers and fortifications. Tactical nukes are the ultimate bunker busters. However, after the Cold War the use of tactical nukes is no longer politically viable. This is in the wake of nonproliferation treaties that the Western world – Anglo-American and Western European NATO countries – could well afford to sign. Countries like the United States of America and its Forward Operating Base, colonial rump, Israel, can afford billions of dollars of research and development into conventional bunker buster, ground penetrating, conventional warheads.

A country like Russia simply cannot.

Thermobaric Bunker Busters:

Ground penetrating bunker buster bombs are designed to wreck and devastate like nuclear devices. But they are entirely conventional explosive systems. They were most recently cruelly and illegally used by Israel against targets behind Syria’s borders, in its interference and meddling in the current Syrian fitnah – an ongoing idiotic Civil War prophesied by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, over 1400 years ago. They were used by the United States and coalition forces against Iraqi civilians, to horrifically overawe, shock and horrify them into submission.

In the last ten years immense research and development has gone into the development of thermobaric bunker-busting bombs, such as the barbaric so-called MOAB – or “Mother of All Bombs”used by allied forces in Iraq, to the terror and suffering of many Iraqi civilians. Thermobaric conventional weapons have the raw destructive capability of battlefield nukes, and indeed modern ones are more powerful than some of the battlefield nukes developed during the Cold War.

Thermobaric “MOAB” type weapons, however destructive, are entirely conventional and so fit within the regulations of non-proliferation treaties. The Russians certainly applied themselves towards conventional bunker-busting weapon development, however given the trillions of dollars the USA, Israel and Western Powers have at their disposal, there really was never a way for Russia, given its limited resources and constant attempts by the West to marginalize it, to keep up in such Research and Development.

Russia quite simply cannot afford the research and development, systematic testing, and deployment of advanced thermobaric conventional bunker buster bombs. Russia lacks financial clout, and is repeatedly, systematically, blockaded in the world economic community.

Russia lacks the engineering resources needed to develop, test and deploy such conventional weapons. However nuclear weapons serve exactly the same functions as conventional bunker busters. They do not, however, neatly fit within nonproliferation agreements.

Therefore, logically, the Russians would see no option other than going with the tried and true; nuclear weapons.

The Logic of Underground Testing. MAD, Mutual Assurance, and Open Secrets:

We are not defending Russia, certainly no friends of ours, but you have to look at things from their perspective. From the Russian standpoint, why shouldn’t they? After all America, Britain, France, Germany and Israel all have illegally broken nuclear nonproliferation treaties many times (something even alluded to in Tom Clancy’s Sum of All Fears), while poisoning the world’s environment with nuclear weapons testing, and in the case of France’s underwater tests, poisoning the very oceans. In the U.S. of A, large portions of Nevada desert sand have been converted into radioactive glass in such tests. This is the height of illegality and from the Russians ‘perspective, deeply hypocritical.

Even India’s racist Hindu BJP government is illegally in on this game of nuclear testing, facilitated as they were by the USA and Israel.

Russia, however, has always had Siberia available as a remote testing ground. Going back in history, with satellite imagery and sensor technology’s refinement in the 1980s and 1990s, and the deployment of imagery satellites designed to explicitly look for the telltale flashes of a nuclear explosion, the Russians would’ve had to resort to underground tests, in order to continue their testing.

The real extent of this testing would extend well beyond the few that are known and documented on the Internet. Likely dozens or even hundreds more, perhaps.

Of course, the US intelligence agencies knew perfectly well what was going on, and Putin knew perfectly well that they knew, but the Russian message was basically if push comes to shove, under vital threat to their command and control centers, they would not hesitate to use their tactical nuclear bombs as bunker busters against American command-and-control centers.

This renders the whole “new cold war” armament race moot. Russia retreated back to MAD (the strategic doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction) their actions saying, in essence, ‘you can have your bunker busters, we aren’t going to play your game’.

In light of this interpretation it stands to reason that many, indeed most, if not all, of these mysterious holes are of recent origin. Perhaps even in the last 10 to 20 years, from the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s.

This interpretation still maintains that it’s possible some craters may be older, going to the height of Cold War testing. Since the US and Israel, however, have been heavily involved in a bunker-buster arms race, it is not only possible but also likely that what we are seeing has been Russia’s recent response.

The logic behind massive testing is simple: an untested weapon is worse than useless.

To wield an extraordinarily complex piece of weapons technology in combat, without having tested it out, is practically suicidal. Beyond the simple possibility of blowing up in your face, or fallout and toxic after-effects blowing in the opposite direction that was intended, poisoning one’s own populace or troops, there’s the international humiliation of being made to look like an ass, proverbially speaking with one’s pants around one’s ankles in the middle of the snow.

No, one must rigorously test one’s weapons technology, and as discreetly as possible, minimizing the amount of intelligence as to one’s capabilities, successes and failures, making its way back to one’s enemies. In this light, the Soviet Union was well known to have conducted underground nuclear tests in Siberia as well as Kazakhstan – to the lament and immense suffering of many of the region’s peoples. Only a fool or extremely naive person, however, would think that an accurate summation of covert and top-secret testing could be obtained from an Internet website.

The Secret Legacy:

The Soviets in the past, and Russian Federation at present, are very good at counter-espionage and holding their secrets close. Undoubtedly, there must remain scores of top-secret test locations and dates that may remain unknown to the broader world for very long time, if ever. Therefore, it’s possible and likely that these newly discovered holes could be quite new, and their very existence unknown even to much of the Russian government and military. Top-Secret information is by nature compartmentalized, meaning only a few people with an actual need-to-know about such matters would know.

Such covert underground test craters would be in locations known to an extreme minority in Russia’s military and government, and in some cases only remembered by men now passing their 60’s into their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s. Those secret still unpublished ones, which date from the very beginnings of the nuclear era, could pass out of living memory entirely in the next couple of years – as the entire generation of men who were in their 30’s and 40’s during the mid-late 1960s are dying off. Those craters that could be more recent, from the 1980s or even 1990s, would still be obscure, known to a small number of military and intelligence professionals late in their careers, bound not only by legally binding vows of secrecy, but by the knowledge of the immense environmental damage their tests wrought on the planet and its inhabitants.

Such men wouldn’t speak.

In the end analysis, time alone will tell if the Yamal Peninsula and Siberian craters are recent Russian Federation underground nuclear test craters, or older Soviet underground nuclear test craters.

This theory and interpretation of the actual facts of the phenomena observed provide the most likely explanations of the mystery of the Siberian holes, from the originally discovered Yamal peninsula crater to the large number of recently discovered ones . The explanations of methane gas eruptions, or mysterious, unexplained, anthropogenic “global warming” or “climate change” phenomena are simply smoke-screens and disinformation.

Peace be upon those who seek it.

Review of Theories and Coverups of the Siberian Hole at the End of the World, Part 2

After a brief introduction to this mystery lets us continue with the analysis of brother Soulaiman Soussi.

First we will look at the existing theories of the origins of the Yamal crater. We will consider why they are ludicrous or insufficient and which features of the crater are not adequately explained by these existing theories. Then we will propose Soulaiman Soussi’s theory as an alternative that better explains the geological features of this crater and its historical context. We will see how this interpretation is best supported by the photographic and historical evidence.

Since we began this series news of a second hole emerged. It’s photographs support this theory and we will examine it shortly.

We do not claim this to be the only possible interpretation. We merely suggest it as the most likely, and that others are easily debunked or can be exposed as being politically motivated or the result of open deception. Given brother Soulaiman Soussi’s research, including past research into Soviet Siberian history long before the crater was found, we feel that what we’re about to reveal to you is the most likely scenario – and the one that most fits with the geostrategic concerns of present-day Russia and its junta is led by President Putin.


Current theories, from the silly to the implausible.

Clearly much has been in the media lately about this anomaly. Siberia’s Zvezda TV’s airing grainy helicopter footage of the crater made the issue spread memetically viral. A subsequent helicopter video, take by a team of scientists visiting the site further piqued public interest and contributed to a flurry of speculations. These are the more significant speculations.


Claim: Space aliens or UFOs. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of an extraterrestrial cause, whether by force of nature such as meteorites or an asteroid, much less than intelligent alien life. These sort of claims are simply wild guesses or worse purposefully planted disinformation and confusion. Even considering it makes one feel an IQ drop of several points. It is a distraction meant for certainly easily impressionable people. For others there are more sophisticated lies.


Claim: A Collapsed Pingo. A pingo is a type of conical hill found in tundra permafrost areas in Eurasia and the Americans. Pingos occur in permafrost when excess water, from a draining lake for example, is forced into previously unfrozen ground, and the ground deforms to relieve the growing water pressure. Over hundreds of years the ground projects upwards on-top of this growing bed of freezing water being absorbed in that area of the ground, often cracking near the summit of the hill as it grows and partially collapsing in on itself.

This picture from the New York Times illustrates pingo formation:

This is a picture of a collapsed Pingo, located in Kunlun Pass, China. Mentally compare it with the Yamal Crater


These are other collapsed Pingos, located in Canada (pictures copyright Park Canada):

nature_image1 nature_image5 nature_image6

Notice these features, the relative height of the hill’s ridges, the distinctive smooth contours upon collapse, and the closeness of piled material to the crater. In no case is there the appearance of actual ejecta, material violently expelled.

If you search for pictures of Siberian pingos you will note this pattern repeat over and over, whatever this hole in Yamal is, it does not resemble a pingo collapse. Their contours are smooths, there is no sign of rapid expulsion of ejecta, no signs of a violent explosion and dispersal of material. Put simply this theory is an idiotic grasping at straws.


Claim: A naturally occurring gas explosion, climate change induced. Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Center researcher Anna Kurchatova, first put in the claim that a pocket of natural gas when combined with salt and water could have produced a large explosion. The ultimate cause of this would be permafrost thawing due to anthropogenic climate-change. This claim was made, of course, at a distance without the researcher having visited the site. The exact chemical mechanisms through which this could occur were not stated. We could not find any clear evidence such a naturally occurring gas explosion, in Siberian tundra, with warming permafrost, due to a mix of salt and water, has ever been documented.

Anna Kurchatova’s claim is simply a theoretical speculation, her opinion, made in absence of any valid research data. Because of current concerns over global warming clearly this opinion resonates in the media, and this may be the point of it. At best it is a scientist’s semi-informed speculation, made at a distance, when given a voice in the media, at worse it represents a politicization of the science of the issue. It is a wild guess and only her position and authority gives it the illusion and veneer of authority.

Claim: Unspecified Natural Causes. Possibly Climate Change linked. Anna Liesowska, at the The Siberian Times (17 July 2014, ‘First pictures from inside the ‘crater at the end of the world’) interviewed Andrey Plekhanov’s research team after their expedition to the Yamal crater. Plekhanov claims the crater is a natural phenomenon without human cause. While his team doesn’t know when the hole formed, he states “We are working with space photographs to figure out exact time of its formation.” Plekhanov further says. “We can be certain in saying that the crater appeared relatively recently, perhaps a year or two ago; so it is a recent formation, we are not talking about dozen years ago.” How he can be certain regarding this is not stated, of course, and The Siberian Times takes it on his authority.

As to the cause, the Siberian Times preempted the climate-change question by directly prompting Plekhanov with the question. He replied “Could it be linked to the global warming? We have to continue our research to answer this question.” He notes that the summers of 2012 and 2013 were “relatively hot” for the Yamal region, and that “perhaps this has somehow influenced the formation of the crater.” However, of course, further tests and research would be needed first before he could “then say it more definitively.

Unlike Anna Kurchatova Andrey Plekhanov actually was at the crater, examined it physically, and conducted tests there. You will note his wording is more cautious than Kurchatova’s. However this phrase, “and then say it more definitively” rhetorically more or less presupposes that global warming would ultimately be dredged out as a causal factor – post further research. For now, however, “we can say for sure that under the influence of internal processes there was an ejection in the permafrost” without reference to climate change or other human causes.

How exactly Plekhanov’s team could say “for sure” is not stated. In case we aren’t yet clear he further asserts; “I want to stress that it was not an explosion, but an ejection, so there was no heat released as it happened”. This statement addresses previous researchers’ observations, that the blackened appearance of the crater’s sides certainly were burn marks.

Plekhanov claimed the natural processes involved were covered in a theory Soviet scientists worked on in the 1980s. This unspecified theory was one that was “left and then forgotten for a number of years” as he put it. As to the terms of the theory, who actually proposed it, and its literature, none of this was stated. This makes his unspecified “theory” effectively a ‘black hole.’ it is effectively a convenient rhetorical dodge. He further claimed this theory addresses natural processes in the permafrost that led to prehistoric formation of a number of lakes in the Yamal peninsula roughly 8,000 years ago. He then speculated that perhaps these processes are repeating today.

In short, he has no idea. Since he is effectively a government scientist (if he is, in fact, a scientist and not an intelligence operative) you could assume that he is simply repeating whatever those apparatchiks who sent him there told him to say. In other words, his statements are effectively a stalling for time. His claims boil down to this; whatever caused the crater were “natural processes” and somehow vaguely connected to a 30ish year old Soviet theory that somehow was just “forgotten” by their research community.

Claim: A natural gas explosion, human induced. The nearest gas fields are 30 miles away, there are no known gas pipelines through the permafrost in this area. Moreover as researcher Andrey Plekhanov, from above, notes “If it was a man-made disaster linked by gas pumping, it would have happened closer to the gas fields” and “Gas workers would have been on alert, letting us know about it immediately.” This claim can be dismissed out-of-hand.

Claim: Gog and Magog (Yajuj wa Majuj) digging through their barrier. This theory has surfaced on a few Muslim forums. It is a reference to the Quran’s narrative of the peoples of Yajuj and Majuj being locked behind an iron barrier by the ancient Prophet and King Dhu al-Qarnayn. The people who mention this hypothesis believe Gog and Magog are locked behind some impenetrable barrier but will dig themselves out near the end of time. In future time, god willing, we will cover brother Soulaiman’s theory on Dhu al-Qarnayn and Yajuj and Majuj. Suffice to say people have been misreading the “hadith”narrations and simply making up things on this nature for a very long time. For now our response is simple:

Be serious. Please. This is not science fiction nor is it Hajji Baba telling you bedtime stories. This is only slightly more ludicrous than UFOs and Space Aliens. The only reason we included this easily blown down straw-man is to illustrate how confused people are truly being. The notion is idiotic.

Now let’s consider more plausible matters. Our next part will follow.

Review of Theories and Coverups of the Siberian Hole at the End of the World, Part 1

Yamal Crater
(Source MSN News.http://news.msn.com/offbeat/66-yard-crater-appears-in-far-northern-Siberia )

Peace be upon those who seek it. The world is currently abuzz with the discovery of a mysterious crater, found in siberia.

The giant hole was discovered on a peninsula in siberia’s natural gas rich yamal region, a word meaning ‘end of the earth’ in the siberian nenets dialect, and is believed by many to be the result of an underground explosion.

But what is it really?

Speculations about the crater abound, and range from the barely plausible to the outright insane. Sundry causes have been claimed, like meteorites, UFO activity,  gas industry triggered underground explosions, and even more natural geological processes perhaps being accelerated by anthropogenic climate change/global warming.

There exists one possible explanation, however, that has been studiously ignored by both the mainstream and alternative media. This possible cause may yet be the most plausible explanation of all. This likely solutions to the mystery of the siberian giant hole may fascinate and amaze you.

We at Cipherverse caught up with the researcher Soulaiman Soussi (Abu Abdullah) to get his take on the controversy. As it turned out he had been busily researching the crater’s story and the history of the region. We believe that his research results and the hypothesis he presents may shock you. It certainly shocked us. However in hindsight you may find yourself slapping your forehead due to the elegant simplicity of his hypothesis. We are confident that if you are open minded and thoughtful, you too will see this explanation as the only truly plausible one.

Before we can present it, let us work our way through what is known and examine a few facts. To begin, let’s take a look at what we have all been told about the crater, and the bare framework of the story as it is known.

The yamal peninsula, in the yamalo-nenets autonomous region, is one of the most remote areas of the world, as the name ‘yamal‘ itself implies, for it means ‘end of the earth‘ or ‘end of the land‘ in the dialect of the local nenets people. This remote peninsula arguably sits on top of the largest source of natural gas in the entire world. Its very small population consists of its indigenous inhabitants, and a small handful of gas industry workers. Other than this the yamal peninsula rarely sees much human activity. Its most famous inhabitant is a long dead, 30,000 year old, baby woolly mammoth calf dug up from the permafrost.

The crater itself is in a remote part of the peninsula itself. It is located approximately 30 km from the peninsula’s gas fields. The crater itself appears to be 50 to 70 metres deep, and about 30 meters across according to the most recent accounts. Its walls seem comprised of strata of permafrost and possibly stone, though the first few feet appears to be a thin layer of brown top-soil.

Source AP Associated Press Television, linked from MSN

Beneath this the permafrost appears blackened, and riven with striations indicating considerable water erosion. In spite of these erosion caused rivulets the actual walls of the chamber appear very sharply cut.
The entrance to the hole is roughly oval shaped, and a larger chamber can be seen below in some photos, which gives you the impression of a narrower entrance leading to a larger interior cavern. At the very bottom appears to be an icy lake comprised of melt-off from the permafrost.

Yamal TV/The Siberian Times. Linked from the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2699853/Take-trip-inside-mysterious-Siberian-hole-New-footage-emerges-deep-strange-structure.html

When you look at its photos you will notice a ring of debris surrounding it.

Marya Zulinova / Governor of Yamal-Nenets Region’s Press Service. Linked from the Moscow Times.

These debris appear to have been ejected or expelled upward and then quickly settling around the actual lip of the hole. You will notice the debris ring is fairly close to the crater, very little is apparent a further distance away.

Notice also that there’s very little plant growth on the immediate lip of the hole. In fact, several portions of the debris ring are absolutely bare of any plant life, whilst other portions have mixed grass or low scrub growing upon it. In other words the plant growth is spotty and for the most part there is very little of it.
This describes roughly what is it. However the question presents itself; what does it mean?

Now that we have seen some pictures and facts in part 2 we shall take a deeper look at this mystery, and then propose abu abdullah’s explanation, one far more likely than what the propagandists are feeding you.