Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers? – Prophecy The Future, and You 1

Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers? How we are Manipulated – Prophecy, The Future, and YOU. Part 1
[Part 1: Past Ummahs and Our Delusions – Part 2:Contrasting Present and Past – Part 3:The Trap and Background Music – Part 4:Miracles in the Seemingly un-Miraculous – Part 5:Conclusion, Crux and Solution]

We wish Peace upon those who seek it,
As a brief Interlude, to better help you understand our methods, motives, and concerns, we will examine an important matter of concern – The FUTURE and you. We shall now examine how we receive and understand prophecy at the emotional level, for this level is what interests us here. At this level lies our drives and motivations. At this level our contentions may cause defensive or emotive reactions, or dismissive responses. Do not cheat yourself by giving into this, rather stay with us as we explore these issues, and then weigh matters at the end.

As young children we were all exposed to entertainment media; from movies, TV shows, comic books to cheap novels. These are the detritus of an increasingly widespread global monoculture serving the Dajjal’s ends. Like so many young boys, we may have wondered about The FUTURE. The theme of The FUTURE in science fiction or fantasy is one of a distant unrealistic land of strange wonders. A land thoroughly non-mundane and full of amazing happenings. We grow to expect this.

Yet, now that it has arrived, The FUTURE is terribly mundane, is it not? Perhaps this morning you sat down to a bowl of cereal, or eggs and toast, then proceeded on an ordinary day of dressing for work or school. Without a doubt, when you reflect on our modes of life and the gadgets at our disposal, these things may have been wondrous to past generations. Yet of course we do not travel in flying cars nor make regular vacation runs to the moon. Our lives, having reached the FUTURE, are as mundane as our parents lives. They simply have more gadgets of increasingly dubious quality and worth.

The same thing occurs when reading and studying prophecy. This is the actual point of this exercise: to examine how our expectations and visions of the FUTUREs that prophecy describes may actually be a noose around our necks and shackles around our minds. A noose not only preventing us from turning to gain wider vision of prophecy but one that may detract us from recognizing the The FUTURE when it does arrive.

What I have finally come to realize and know analytically is that we are all delusional about the shape of things to come; all the many FUTUREs that we await with varying degrees of fervor will never arrive. Please, bear with me while I try to explain the shocking truth about the “FUTURE” of prophecy.

Our false expectations have driven us to false interpretations of prophecy which in turn have built up millennial delusions about the feared Dajjal or the awaited Mahdi AS or The return of Jesus AS. In sum, I mean to point out the chief delusion that the FUTURE when it does get here will be dramatic and definitely not mundane. It will absolutely not be banal and mediocre. We believe.

The FUTURE: Capitalized like the title of some blockbuster movie. The notion of the FUTURE is an illustration of the dramatic and cinematic expectations that people have of it. Well, simply look at your own perceptions: is your FUTURE a cartoon with cartoonish heroes and villains?

Maybe you expect peals of thunder and the rise of a superman figure, perhaps even caped or profusely enrobed in flowing wool. And perhaps with large capitalized headlines, the news media will announce the appearance of another dramatis personæ, a super-villain; a monstrous deceiver, immense in stature with a glowering single eye, and magical powers. An immensely wicked and powerful being, perhaps served by legions of Jinn, blue skinned or green, with outrageous costumes. Then, the twain will engage in mythic scale battles.

Or perhaps a large production Hollywood battle, immense and widespread, with Apache copters streaking across the sky firing off missiles against turbaned white-clad warriors on horseback.

Whatever vision of the FUTURE you have, do realize one thing; if you get nothing else from our writings just realize that this is a profoundly delusional view with delusion as the co-joined sister of drama. How about this; no previous nation recognized The FUTURE when it arrived.

An example of our point; consider the Children of Israel in first-century Palestine. Have you ever asked yourself why is it that the vast majority of Israelites rejected John the Baptist and Jesus AS? Consider this for a moment and do not dismiss it or skim ahead, for this question is vital.

All around Jesus, AS, and John the Baptist were men who knew quite well their prophecies concerning not only the Messiah and the Last Prophet and the returning Elijah but also the Dajjal. For the First Century C.E. was one of intense Messianic and apocalyptic expectations. The Israelites, in their various sects and denominations, knew of prophecies concerning a Messiah and a False Prophet. They not only knew this but were, indeed, expecting all of this.

In utter fact, our own Prophet, SAAWS, informed us that every single prophet, peace and blessings upon them, had warned his community of the deceptions of the Dajjal. And indeed in the scraps of writings that have reached us, we find a few people here and there commenting on the matter. We note in passing that among the early scraps of parchments and papyri from the Ebionite Nazarenes, some mention that Saul of Tarsus was the “Liar,” meaning the Antichrist. Among the non-Nazarene Israelites who rejected Jesus AS, there survive bits from Qumran indicating they had similar ideas of an expected Teacher of Righteousness and a False Prophet to arrive soon.

Realize that these people were not only extremely dedicated both to their religion and the studies of their prophecies, but the people in their masses were expecting the Messiah and an apocalyptic age. It would be unwise to be deceived in this point. These people were well versed in prophecy, and yet they did not realize that the Messiah was already in their midst. Hence they were misguided not only in spite of, but because of the very prophecies they thought would aid them to recognize the FUTURE.

John the Baptist AS was also not recognized. Why didn’t such men discern John or Jesus’s status and fulfillment of prophecies? We contend that it was because neither John nor Jesus AS fit people’s interpretations and expectations. And we contend that when you examine this matter logically, you will have no choice but to admit the truth of this view. This is the only possible conclusion and focusing on it is essential.

Is it possible that the reason these rabbis and countless learned men in ancient Palestine did not recognize Jesus son of Mary and John the Baptist AS or join them is because their expectations were manipulated or somehow managed? That is to say, their interpretations of what the prophecies represented, their mental images of the FUTURE essentially did not conform to anything real. Therefore the very prophecies that were meant to guide them towards the future proved to be the seeds of a FATAL DELUSION.

A wise question to ask, at this point, would be the question as to why they were manipulated. Another wise question to ask would be how, once you ask these two questions, there are certain consequences that may follow.

Series Addendum – Can Jesus, the Mahdi and the dajjal surpass or even match The Avengers?How our ideas of Prophecy and the Future are Manipulated.
[1: Past Ummahs and Our Delusions – 2:Contrasting Present and Past – 3:The Trap and Background Music – 4:Miracles in the Seemingly un-Miraculous – 5:Conclusion, Crux and Solution]