Civilization, Society, Instinct and Logic – Part 2, Programming, Choices, Language and Logic

Peace upon those who seek it.

Here we begin to look at Logic, and in what follows will return to logic. In any logical operation you can perform valid operations upon invalid data. If you start with the wrong axioms but use correct reasoning you will arrive at questionable conclusions. Now if you take wrong axioms, an then start to use wrong reasoning going step to step all the way, then you will simply arrive at stupid, bizarre, and throughly delusional conclusions. Here you will never be able to actually solve the problem at hand, but will simply knit for yourself a tangled web of delusion.

Look closely at every Kafir culture you have traveled to, witnessed, or lived in. Observe what they see as their “individuality” and “strength.”

Think to yourself, is it not truly quite as it seems? Does it not seem like the very opposite?

Is it not they who are the collective herd? Meandering until herded by their shepherds to and fro, hither and thither, occasionally stampeding off cliffs until properly routed, and culled off when needed?

The Choice; each of us has to individually make is a decision to get hold of ourselves and our whims and bring them to bear.

There are many things that we willingly and yet forcefully must force ourselves to do every single day that takes willpower. This willpower to submit in the face of opposition and difficulty is a strength, not a weakness. The way of the Kafir is to make the choice to just go with their whims, and whims are essentially remarkably the same for every Jackass.

How uniform and individual are donkeys? Certainly they have their personalities, some like this or that type of hay, or alfalfa, and some like clover and grass. Essentially however jackasses are remarkably uniform beasts. In the same way Kufar are remarkably uniform, once you peer behind the hairstyles, fashions, tattoos, branding, piercings or latest cut of suit jacket and jeans. You see people with different choices in cars or cheese, there is a remarkable uniformity on the basic level.

Ask yourself, how are you actually much different from the gibbering muttering idiot bobbing his head on the street corner with his head phones on?  Each of us will have somewhat different answers to this question, but it must be asked of the self.

Civilization is incredibly ancient, and with it so are gadgets, knickknacks, and the detritus with which potentially sane humans distract themselves from essential things. The Qur’an bids us to constantly examine the traces and remains of those who came before us, not iin wide eyed awe, but rather in cognizance of the results of their delusional refusal to conform their desires and actions to reality.

In population genetics and linguistics an often used term is ‘proto’, short for prototype, to describe earlier phases of populations, language communities, ethnic groups or races. Leaving aside technical debates such as on the definition of race;  whether it is clinal, the relations of various ecoclines in human communities, the distribution of haplogroups to this or that particular ancestral population, the technical processes of Ethnogenesis and the formation of linguistic communities, Sprachbunds, and language continuum, and how all of these things relate to the notions of a nation, a race, or ethnic group, recognize beyond all of this that these very discourses reflect certain assumptions and axioms, often mistaken for realty as it is, instead of reality as it is perceived on the basis of a truncated logic working upon a small, partial dataset. Not to mention, assumptions that also often display remarkably unimaginative thinking.

There is no such thing as a prototype nation or prototype language, nor a prototype civilization.

Did early settlers in the Nile Valley call themselves “proto-Egyptians”? Did early shepherds scratching out an existence in the Zagros mountains or on the shores of the black Sea call themselves proto-Aryans? A transposition occurs when provisional nomenclature used for the sake of conveniently, or lazily in any case, dealing with complicated structures becomes mistaken for the thing in itself.

One can discuss genetics, cultural habits and their evolution, and linguistics, but what are commonly conflated together as ‘national traits’ and ‘civilizational traits’ are actually vary complex and disparate matters, made to fit, forced together, by people essentially “making things up as they go.” In discussions about “Proto-Indo-Europeans” or “Proto-Aryans” or “Proto-Semitic” and “Proto-Afrasians” those discussing these issues are blinded by the stupidity of their assumptions, and far too often sheer ill will.

There are believing cultures and Kafir cultures, believing civilizations and Kafir civilizations. The latter – far from being special and unique butterflies – are marked under the surface by remarkably monotonous foundations. Take modern Europe, far from the unique, individualistic, and courageously free-thinking Wunderkinder of the modern world, modern Europeans form an example of some of the most brainwashed populations on the planet – short of the Chinese, and even then one must wonder.

Southern Europe, and to a lesser degree Eastern Europe and the Balkans, scorned by their Western European cousins are actually far more individualistic and ‘creative’ in any appreciable way than Western Europeans. Western Europe is the apex of a Dajjalic civilization as a type, Western Europe is the one Civilization on the planet with the most complex and deeply layered Dajjalic programming.

Some early Civilizations can be Memetic or Metallic by degrees. Take the European Celts, they were more of a Memetic civilization, comprised of a bunch of memes, from architectural, to clothing, to various religious memes encompassed by a loose culture and shared language continuum. The ancient Egyptians and Romans, for example, had their memes but their civilizations were chiefly Metallic in our schema, examine the rigidity of their forms and the stone droppings they were in the habit of leaving everywhere.

Most people do not understand history or movements, or even life around them. When several people in an organization or group are together, how are they chaotic and unpredictable? Where are the points of cohesion and identity, where is the essentialist Ur-Definition of this group? If your logic is to lead anywhere productive you must look at history as people, just like you, in fact quite possibly slightly more clever but just lacking the specific type of stuff as you have. Is there an essential Ur identity to the buddies by the Water Cooler at work? Are they a “proto” group to an organizational faction that will soon dominate the corporation and thousands of years in the future eventually be seen as the progenitors to X, Y, and Z?

Or are they just every day schleps standing around a water cooler with some things in common, other things not, speaking the same basic idiom and waiting to clock out at the end of the day?

To better understand these matters consider the analogy of code and programming, it is closer to the truth than might first seem apparent. Each Dajjalic social and cultural mechanism is essentially a program, and an application. Dajjalic influenced individuals are like a routine with many lines of code, far more lines of code than the natural and normative human individual.

To extend this analogy, if the personality of a given Mayan individual 1000 years ago consisted of, say, a million lines of code, then a given modern Western European individual is 100 million lines of code. Quirky, seemingly unique, complex personalities composed of millions of sub-routines from Monty Python skits to the latest Spielberg movie to Laurence Durrell or Harold Robbins novels to snippets of Shakespeare.

Let us present a slightly different take on this analogy, your given Mayan or Aztec’s code’s complexity is akin to an on-line Flash game, your given modern Dutch, German, French or British individual is akin to Halo 3. As for Americans, try your latest iteration of Grand Theft Auto

We speak of memetics in borrowing these analogies.

To some degree everyone worldwide, from a Muslim Country to a Buddhist country to a post-Christian European country has, to some degree, layers of memetic programming of far greater complexity than their pre-modern forebears did. To some degree all have “sub-routines” scripted by the Dajjal for various effects, passed along by cultural vectors, in education or entertainment media, but the Western European’s is of the most immense complexity, hence the somewhat contradictory nature of Western European cultures, from support for individualistic liberty while living in the most slavishly socialized cradle to grave coddled cultures, massively impoverished compared to more affluent Americans, and yet consumerist.

All these memetic programs running constantly in their heads, which are actually offsetting their true instincts, what we Muslims see as the natural Fitrah. Al-Fitrah is lost beneath in 100 million lines of highly sophisticated and well crafted code, producing highly sophisticated personalties. However it is not a virtue being sophisticated, it simply means one has far more crap to wade through in one’s life in order to discover the truth.

Western Kufr is the most well defined, rigorously defined, and sophisticated Kufr of any that has existed in the world. Yet when you look at it and you see the people trapped in it, you quickly notice that these people are missing something incredibly dramatic, yet they can not even see it. What they are missing can be perceived not only in their daily lives, their eating, fraternizing, pastimes, mutual cohabitations, but even in their very architecture. On every level of their  and lives when you look at it and examine it if you are from outside of the box you say to yourself, it is so dark here, how can these people live like this? If you are from outside the box and you possess some of the fundamental logic to allow an analysis of it, then you find yourself with the ability to begin to say exactly what is dark, and why, from what angle, and to what ends. And you see the logic behind why they live like this, in seeing what is missing from their own logic, and where their own deepest assumptions betray them.

In summary; the Kufar do not surrender to reality, rather they try to control it and bend it to their purposes. It is the inability to get a grip on oneself and make yourself follow a law of one’s free choosing, and going with the flow of reality instead of the flow of artificially perceived existence while bending reality itself.