Civilization, Society, Instinct and Logic – Part 1, Memetics, Turds, and Education Share?

We examine Civilization, Culture, Environmental Degradation, Squared ashlars, and Memetic Programming, asking ourselves the differences between Civilizations of Kufr and Iman. We contemplate ways in which natural instinct, the notion of Fitrah, and developed social complexity fit together.

Disclaimer: When we use the terms Mumin (believer) and Kafir (mistranslated as infidel, actually hwever a rejector covering up truth, or ingrate) we use them in the most universally applicable sense throughout tens of thousands of years of human history, in discussing fundamental human dynamics independent of the formal name of the community in question. This article must be understood in the widest sense possible, as it covers the entire scope of planetary human history.

Part of Iman is accepting the things that we cannot change in ourselves and around us. Not accepting is essentially not submitting to Allah’s decree. The nations of the Kufar are afflicted with a psychological disorder, born of the tragedy that someone sold them a false bill of goods; comprising of a false reality.

When people buying this false bill finally come into contact with real reality, reality as it is in the world and not as it seems, then they don’t want it. This is of course by degrees, some find it easier to accept some aspects of reality than other, but essentially within a range of possible reactions they tend towards Rejecting the Real.

This is because they do not want actual reality, and they can not let go of their delusions concerning reality as it was sold to them and as they desire it to be, which results in a clash.

This is where Iman comes in. The Mumin quickly turns around and accepts the situation. This is because the Mumin is required to submit to reality, for the Mumin submits to Al-Haqq. All this time however, inside the Kafir when disaster strikes he or she does not say “alhamdulillah” the Mumin however does.

In submission itself one should not not see or understand weakness. The Kafir sees weakness in submission but this is too an inversion of reality. The opposite actually exists, submission requires courage and strength. Witness, if you will, the reaction of Muslims compared to the reaction of non-Muslims when faced with disaster. One does what one has to do and move on without dwelling on it, however the Kufar go into panic mode, essentially going nuts. This is witnessed across the socio-economic structure and is independent of Race, Class, or Caste.

Submission requires immense courage and strength because in submitting you have to get hold of yourself, you must get hold of your nafs and this requires self-possession and self-control.

Now to the point, the Kufar get hold of the World around them, and they seek to change it in order to fit their delusions. Witness, for example, eugenics, or environmental plundering and degradation, or Transhumanism, or any number of asinine and illogical schemes that almost literally would fit a Monty Python skit, and yet strangely seem rational and progressive to many Kafirs.

Even many who speak of nature, and holistic organic approaches, betray this aspect when you examine them closely, and witness something they cannot even see about themselves. Even when some aspect of Al-Fitrah, the human innate almost instinctual disposition, seems active in them there remains still some aspect of a rejection of reality as it is.

The epitome of this is in the quasi-Masonic dictum of “perfecting what God left un perfected” or “Squaring the rough ashlar”

The Muslim accepts what was created as perfect on the level that the Creator left it, and realizes in working in reality, and in building therein habitations we are going with reality, not against it, by the command of the one who granted us the idhn, the leave, to do so.

The Kufar cannot get hold of themselves and change themselves to fit and adapt to the situation at hand. Hence they are perpetually maladapted, hence they try to get hold of the world outside of them and change it to fit what they desire the situation to be. They think of this is strength and power, however it is actually an immense weakness. The Believer can quickly reprogram themselves to fit the situation, the Kafir however has to destroy the planet, the mountain, and indeed herself or himself, instead of actually refocusing and seeing the beauty in the mountain, in the planet, or in their selves for its sake.

In every Kafir civilization that has ever occurred in the tens of thousands of years the sons and daughters of Adam have walked the Earth, Kufar always inevitably manage to completely destroy their local environments, corrupting it, deforesting it, initiating desertification, poisoning it, drawing upon the land by their depredations, stupidity, and asinine inability to submit to reality, manifestations of utter destruction.

How do they do this? By making the world itself try to fit their whims; by destroying mountains, forests, and trees to fit their whims, by re-engineering lifeforms created for specific niches and roles in the ‘divine economy’ to suit their pleasures and whims.

The wrath and destruction that reaches them is naught but what their own hands wrought, save those who repent and flee the zones of corruption wrought by the stubborn and deluded.

True Believers never do this, what is known of classical Islamic civilization is a recent testament to this pattern dating back to the Civilizations before the Ice ages even. There are Muslim cities that once abandoned simply melted into the landscape after a few generations, instead of tearing apart every mountain Muslims used mud brick to build skyscrapers, such as those still to be seen in some parts of Yemen today, and only used stone sparingly when it was needed.

Believing civilizations for tens of thousands of years always found ways to adapt to the environment instead of forcing the environment to fit them.

This is why true Islamic civilizations (in the generic trans-historical sense) hardly leave a trace, even believing Civilizations going back thousands of years before the Risalat of The Messenger of Allah, SAAWS, pre-Islam as we know it, barely left traces.

Kafir civilizations always leave trails of their turds along the path, like stray dogs. Case in point; Egyptian pyramids. Some marvel at them and wonder of their possible pre-flood origins. The believer sees them for what they are, large turds. Interesting ones perhaps, and useful quarries for building stone, but essentially idiotic massive wastes of slave manpower – fossilized turds of extreme antiquity.

The Qur’an Karim evokes the story of Suleiman, AS, and describes massive and miraculous things associated with his rule, from the ants to mountains to the subjugation of the Ifreet among the Jinn to his rule, and the employment of the Jinn’s sciences and crafts all being subjected to his rule from Palestine.

Look about you, where is the trace of Suleiman’s kingdom, or of Dhu al-Qarnayn’s? There are scattered archaeological alluding to various reigns, but they are like small leaves of dry straw, on wind-swept beaches. Few solid traces exist. Because of this Kafir archaeologists and historians doubt such reigns existed. This is, of course, because they are looking for the wrong thing, they search for the traces that Kafir sovereigns leave after their rule, but Suleiman, AS, was a believer and a Prophet. A Nebi simply does not leave about him large stone turds requiring generations of slave labor to build. However a rebellious and stubborn Kafir sovereign might attempt such a thing.

The States, Kingdoms, Empires even of men like Dhu al-Qarnayn and Suleiman (upon both peace) were Memetic empires, empires of ideas, not Metallic and Stone empires, of physical stuff and junk.

The way of animals is to mark their territory. Animals often do this by urinating and defecating everywhere. So too is the way of Kufar, to be crude, they essentially raise their legs and piss over history.

Believers however do not do this. Animals may be excused because this is part of their nature, a Kafir however is a human and yet in this point descends to animal behavior. The bestial as opposed to the angelic. The Kafir’s mark is lack of adaptation, lack of self control, and lack of submission.

The path of the Kafir is one maladapt and unfit.

Can one submit if one can not get hold of one’s self? Do you find yourself sick or in a frenzy when faced with disaster? Can you submit, make yourself pray 5 times a day, and control yourself. The strong person is the one who wrestles his or herself down, gets hold of the self, and defeats the self. The strong person masters the self, the weak person is mastered by it. Many people are be defrauded of this might vision, and are deluded and defrauded into interpreting submission as weakness.

The Kufar see prostration as a weakness, they see it as brainwashing, and believe they see lack of individuality in Islam.

We shall examine this more, shortly.

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