Civilization, Society, Instinct and Logic – Part 3, A Devil you don’t know exists, whence Information comes, Reason Language and Logic

Peace upon those who seek it.

We need to expose a couple of axioms that are needed to further understand this work as it continues to unveil:

One; All information in the Universe is from Allah, thus all wisdom is from Allah.

Two; Thus information in this Universe can only be transferred, it is neither created nor destroyed inside of this closed system of a Universe.

Three; Any influx of New Information into humanity, and its subsequent manifestations, are from Allah. The nuzul of Revelation is a quantitative and Qualitative addition to the informational content of the universe itself.

Four; the Hadiths of the Dajjal Island and Ibn Sayyad must be understood if one is to have hope of understanding any of these matters.

The knowing of the first two seems easy but the actual understanding of them and their implications is difficult.  The third derives from the understanding of the first two, and our authority for the fourth statement is Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Allah ennoble his visage, in his narrated statement that the one who knows Ibn Sayyad is the Dajjal will be happy, and the one who does not will not be happy.

These in combination leads to the question of Dajjalic information, what then is Dajjalic information if all information is from Allah?  Understanding this is the hard part, once understood the implications readily appear.

The practice of Iblis is to make inversions of Truth. Shaytan just takes Truth and in effect puts a knot in it. Shaytan is never original, he simply inverts. This is the truth to the old cliche that “The Devil is the Ape of God” – in the olden sense of the term Ape, as one who imitates, Shaytan only apes at, pretends, and imitates. When he does, he inverts.

Iblis is the chief Shaytan of al-Jinn, but Shaytan is not a proper-Name. It is a title describing a function. Iblis is not the only al-Shaytan properly speaking, for there are many Shaytans among the species of Jinn, Iblis is the chief Shaytan of their species.

The Qur’an describes Shaytans of al-Jinn and al-Ins. Ins designates al-Insaan, being the species of humanity. The chief Shaytan of our human species is the Dajjal.

Therefore the Dajjal also, by extension and observation, will be found to never be original. Neither the Dajjal nor Iblis are original, neither individual creates new information. The Dajjal is not even original, in the mountains of paper, clay tablets, and graved stone that has carried the words of Shaytans through the trackless millenniums, tens of thousands of years of human history, not a single word of either Great Shaytan will be found to be anything other than inversion, redirection, and transpositions of information originally from Allah.

The proper understanding and true implications of these words will takes a lifetime to figure, and this is by design. Each Shaytan purposefully wrought their obfuscations so that you will only “get it” on your death bed. If, that is, you are fortunate.

Some like Magic, some do not, let’s discuss a Magic trick.

What is the Sihr, the sorcery or magick of the Dajjal? A good example of the so-called ‘magic’ of the Dajjal, and the processes by which information and Truth can be re-arranged, transposed, and inverted, can be found in the movie The Illusionist, starring Edward Norton. While we hate recommending anything out of Hollywood, some movies have a certain utility to them in illustrating certain processes or principles in their plot. If you do decide to take a peep at that film, pay close attention not only to how the character just keeps reinventing himself, but how he does so by simple manipulation of information already present

Observe society and culture today, processes that were once performed with tact anymore are simply just hammered in today. Lies that once required elaborate spinning are more often just parrot-repeated with a lack of subtlety that could amaze a reasonably bright 3rd Grade boy. And yet the world remains captivated. In the inversion of truth and presentation of such lies the Dajjal no longer needs subtly. Men and women just accept it, they question not. In society we go along playing with our toys. Those many who do not perceive or ‘get it’ will take 20 or 40 years before they finally start to perceive. If out of 100, only one begins to get it, what is the effect on the other 99 let go?

Two Hundred years ago the Muslims were collectively disarmed by a gradual subversion. A people who brought rationalism and empirical reasoning to the world, to the point that all early modern Western scientists only aped and imitated Muslim thought at the beginning of their scientific enterprise, had reasoning removed, while European Christians, traditionally the furthest from any sort of Reasoning approach to things, embraced a culture of making reasoning their very idol, while the Muslims collectively sought irrationality.

There was nothing accidental about these trends, both were the results of certain inversions and subversive actions. Subversive actions require active participants possessing some degree of agency and volition – they simply do not happen. If a Hundred Muslims have this brought to their attention, only half will just begin to get it

Early Islam had an incredibly ancient and highly sophisticated System of Logic that that still exists mostly unrecognized. Reasoning and Logic were not the gifts of the Greeks. The Muslims had complex systems of rational analysis, deduction, and induction based on the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Qawa’id of the Usuls and Furu of Fiqh were arrived at by careful rational analysis of the Qur’an, Sunnah, and ‘Amal – the normative practice – of the Salaf of Medina.

Therefore an interesting inversion, for someone looking for a historical exercise, lies in the very notion of Greek logic. Inshallah we shall have to expand on the subjects of Reason, Logic, and Language soon. For now, let this suffice.

We contend that Greek systems of thought, beyond what was simply fabricated by Huckster authors looking to make a dirham or two during the early Abbasid era, were actually inversions of true Reasoning and Logical Analysis, which simply manifests the Justice inherent in the Divine attributes and names al-’Adl (العدل) and al-Ḥasīb (الحسيب) – The Just, and the Reckoner – exalted and glorified beyond what they ascribe to him.

Regarding fabrication of “Greek” manuscripts, it has long been known that much of what was attributed to the Greeks, most likely was fabricated by authors looking to add the patina of antiquity to their literary productions. Every age has it’s huckster writers, and a close analysis of the Academic usage of the term ‘pseudo-’ in reference to authorship of manuscripts will reveal something Academia has always known, but only referred to in veiled tones.

Deductive reasoning is airtight and coherent, however Reality as we observe it is not always airtight. There is always some information missing. Further is the fact that totalizing systems of representation, from mathematical systems to even ideologies, can never fully prove all truths in the realities they attempt to describe. In higher mathematics Kurt F. Gödel’s incompleteness theorems establishes the inherent inability of any axiomatic system of representation to prove the truth of every statement within it. This leaves the fact that some truths within a system will always be unprovable. Returning to deductive reasoning, it is prone to be tampered with by the right person, who has access to information outside of the particular system or reasoning or the individual performing the reasoning.

No living human today has all of the information processing power or available inputs to handle all of the variables, constants, and conditional statements inherent in reality as you see it around you. One simple and tiny mistake will bias and taint your results.

You have better believe that the Dajjal and Iblis understand this well, and manipulate and use this to accomplish their ends like there was no tomorrow.

Let’s now further examine not only Reason and Logic but also Education, and the Educated. A paradox that few people actually understand is that the more formally educated one often is, the more brainwashed one is.

This is not to disparage scholarship and education by any means, Islam highly prizes scholarship and learning. However it is to call into question a crucial dilemma – often enough the higher one’s education is, the more independent of an idiot one actually manages to be in actual effect. If the common and average Eastern or Western individual has one or two truly “numb-nut” programs rattling around the more educated among them are programed with highly sophisticated extra programs which act as vectors for the brainwashing and memetic infection of everyone else in the society.

Educated Elites are Programmed Elites. There is in truth no elite per se, there is no ruling “Illuminati” per se. It is vital to understand this, and do not misread it – there may be clubs and groups of people who, in between practicing their secret handshakes and decoder rings, actually for a few moments believe they are controlling something, or further up the pyramid, but at the top of any pyramid there can be only one, the rest below are managers on a need to know basis.

Managers may need to persuade, encourage, discourage, warn, and instruct. Chiefly they indoctrinate into the standing ethos, in the function of indoctrination is the essential social function of Brainwashing.  The average mortal does not have the skills to brainwash others, this serves an important function, possession of skills allowing them to brainwash others actually opens one up for far easier Deprogramming, because the ability to Brainwash others requires possession of highly developed logic skills. In order to program others you need certain skills that include a mastery of logic.

These Logic skills are foundations of sound education, the misdirection occurs in inculcating assumptions that are slightly off. When a sound logical framework is there, this tool that can allow one to delude others can also be used to deprogram and expose one to reality as it is, if not for earlier assumptions foundation to how Western logic is presented to people. These assumptions are, in actuality, a little bit outside of true logic, hence those possessing those assumptions reach a wall in trying to reason their way out of certain traps and blinds.

Assumptions are built into how most Westerners study logic, that are independent of true logic per se. These assumptions is what blinds them to the reality of Allah, or the ability to interpret certain types of beauty or aesthetics. People are not totally cut off from these things, but their natural ability to reason through these things is blunted, while their ability to perform some logical operations is facilitated.

So logic is not the enemy, where some things seem beyond logic, such as Beauty, Aesthetics, or Allah, truthfully they are not beyond all logic, only beyond the standard western conception of logic that people are educated in.

Being  educated in a sharply restricted understanding of logic they can never undo or fathom the wrong headed axioms of their belief structures. Within the box of a given culture, their mastery of what is presented to them of logic and reason gives them an edge – inside of that box. However if someone comes in from outside of that box, then this Outsider can literally turn them around on their heads, and wrap them around his fingers, making them follow given rule-sets;

“go here, and go there,
whoops good fellow, you’ve reached a dead end,
you have a contradiction in your belief system.. “

Within the box, a few people are actually highly logically skilled that in principle they could possibly stand some chance of peeping outside of the box. Such people could, perhaps., end up seeing further than their contemporaries – however the fundamental root assumptions in their belief structure back-stab and subvert them, being throughly poisoned by the Dajjal, so when they reach a high level of logical and linguistic adeptness they end up in pure sophistry.

A Mumin, a true and actual believer, even a simple minded one, can see the wrongheaded and stupid assumptions at work in a highly sophisticated worldview, but while he or she may be able to see it he or she may be utterly unable to actually explain it, which requires analysis, because they lack the actual logical skills.

One possesses immense logic, and in theory could out-think a sophisticated trap, but possesses fundamental baseline assumptions about the self and reality that are in variance to reality, hence wrongheaded and stupid, so an exquisite logic functions on the base of a seemingly non contradictory worldview comprised of incorrect and delusional assumption.

Another utterly lacks logic skills, but can actually see and perceive the sheer stupidity of certain assumptions and the actions made from their bases, but utterly lack the means of articulating this or making an actual analysis of why these things are stupid. They know it, they feel it, but they are not logically able to analyze, dissect, and explain why.

Language is logic. Many people do not understand that language is logic, the Linguistic Sciences known in Islam as al-Nahw, and al-Sarf, are actually higher level forms of logic and logical analysis, and once studied in depth one quickly realizes they are much higher than Western Logic.

Whenever you speak of the Logic of a Civilization you are actually speaking about Assumptions. Formal logic is based on truth tables and hence is mathematical logic, comprised of statements, prepositions, and formulas. It is necessary to stick to the rules in order to convey precise truth in a logical system. Formal logic is mathematical logic. Language is al-Lugha, Lugha contains within it mathematical logic, the functions of Nahw and Sarf actually are Mathematical logic.

Many linguists, befuddled by the relentlessly logical and structural nature of the Arabic language, flatly state that it is an Artificial language. Twice a day a broken clock is found correct, these linguists are right in this one point, Classical Arabic is an artificial language, a language constructed, in immense antiquity, containing in total developed form a grammar that is only found in fractured and partial forms in every other Semitic language on the planet.

Furthermore, though this point takes us beyond present considerations and needs to be examined later, Arabic is a language not of earthly origin. It is not an evolved or ad hoc language, it is a purposefully constructed one whose  origins are non-human, and Allah willing we will return to this point.

The older these Semitic languages are, the closer they approach Classical Arabic’s morphology and grammar, and all are derivatives of an ancient and comprehensive Ur form of Ancient Arabic.  The grammar of Ancient Classical Arabic is more relentlessly logical and structured than the oldest Indo-European languages. The most ancient forms of Akkadian and Eblatic, as well as Ugaritic, all display some of the features of the analytical grammar that Classical Arabic displays, each of these languages in some extent reflects differing aspects of what Arabic combines in totality. The older they are the more this is the case. It is a well known secret in “Semitic studies” and “Afrasian/Afro-Asiatic studies” that it is impossible to understand any of these older Semitic languages without recourse to Classical Arabic dictionaries and grammars.

Islamic logic is a type of Super-Logic, and one derived from the fundamental Logical Sciences of the Arabic language as well as the structure of the Qur’an itself, that contains embedded in it formal mathematical logic in a very sophisticated way, on the level of the language and its analysis. This Super-Logic possesses extra things that are left out of Western formal logic.  Dajjalic Civilizations possess a sophisticated Dajjalic influenced logic that winds up with certain things cut off and curtailed. Those possessing it possess a Reduced logic and hence reduced abilities of deduction and induction.

When you look at Western Logic you see something exquisite, sophisticated, nuanced and well proportioned. You find yourself tempted to say this is amazing, look at how powerful it is, but its actually missing several pieces.  This sophisticated, and well proportioned logical system you gaze at seems so good at some things, but so inferior at a few other highly essential things. What it requires is simply one small foot away, in a logical superstructure that is far superior to the purposefully stunted one we see in our world, but this superior logic doesn’t exist in our world.

It is necessary to have logic, and logic lies at the level of language itself. Even the lying Greek Dajjal Plato derives it from language, does not the very term logic come from Logos, word? Logos essentially means Kalam. The most sophisticated Western logic both allows its educated elites to brainwash and seemingly control the masses, while trapping them in a more sophisticated web of influence and control at the very level of flawed axioms and assumptions concerning reality and themselves that they cannot remotely examine, trapped they are essentially wardens locked in a prison made of words.

We leave you with a question, related to these themes.

What is your intent in seeking knowledge? What is your intent in learning or trying to understand ? Does your intent lie in finding control and power to manipulate, change or use – which is the mindset of the Kufar?

Or is your intent to understand the reality of what you study, so that you can adapt yourself, surrender yourself to it’s reality,  and change yourself, not changing it?

What is inside of you is the only authentic thing that you can change. You cannot change human nature, you cannot change external nature itself, but by understanding human nature you can avoid its pitfalls and adapt your worldview and understanding to its evident truth. By understanding nature itself you can adapt to your environment without destroying it.

Those who destroy the world around them in effect are like those who defecate where they eat, this is the path of Kufr, of the Rejectors of the Real. This is a path of Delusion.

We invite you to a path of reality, wholeness, and awakened perception. The fire’s next time awakens the somnambulist from his or her dream-walk, this awakening comes too later.

Success is  with Allah, peace upon those who seek it.

  1. Bismillah. Salaam Alaikum. I agree heartily with your cnmoemts. We must get to know our potential marriage partners, in a halaal manner, before marriage. Go out for ice cream with a married couple who are friends, attend an Islamic lecture together, exchange letters with your likes and dislikes. Marrying a stranger is a recipe for disaster. Parents are often no help because they want their daughters to marry that rich doctor or their sons to marry their cousin. Young men and women have to take the reins in their hands and be persistent in looking for a mate who matches them intellectually and spiritually. EVEN if that means making Mom and Dad mad at you.

    1. Wa Alaikum Salam Brother Jasper, thank you for the kind reply. We must adopt a more realistic attitude in such issues and avoid the fitnah that can result from ignoring reality.

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